Our Services Can Be Sought By?

At Ajax Window and Glass Repair, our services can be sought by anyone in need of a broken window replacement in Ajax Ontario. These include;

  • Residential homes; our services include delivering our services to live live-lines, hotels, charity homes, and also apartments.

  • Non Residential; we also offer broken window replacement services to businesses and workplaces in Ajax ON. These include warehouses, storehouses, companies et cetera.

  • Mobile; We also offer our broken window services for cars of all kinds of brands

What is Our Mode of Service Operations?

Good Question!
Upon receiving your call for our services we;

  • 1. Offer a phone or face-to-face consultation service; here you tell us your proposed budget if there is any, you also tell us your preferred kind of window and your security aspirations. Our team of experts may then go on to make certain recommendations. (these recommendations are merely suggestions of interior experts and you are not in any way obliged to agree to them)

  • 2. We send a team of experts to assess the level of damage or work level

  • 3. As soon as they are done, they draft a quotation and await your approval

  • 4. Upon receiving your approval, we begin work immediately.

  • Why Choose Us? You should choose us for Your Window and Glass Replacement service because we offer; fast and same-day services. We offer a warranty and also, we offer a money-back guarantee provided you meet our specifications. Need a Broken Window Replacement in Ajax Ontario, Canada? Call us today at +(289) 275-7871