How do we operate?

At first, the client reaches out to us, afterward we respond accordingly within sixty minutes or less by;


We discuss with our clients their security challenges and aspirations. We also listen to their complaints about their window locks and here, we understand how exactly to satisfy the client.

Damage Assessment

We go ahead to assess the windows as well as the window locks. We also take our damage assessment a step farther by assessing the overall condition of the window for other security compromising issues that the client may have skipped or undermined


We draft a quotation and
then deliver it to our
client. Upon an
agreement, we

Locksmith Deployment

Deploy a team, of our finest locksmiths to the client’s location to deliver within a stipulated time so as not to impinge on the comfort of our clients


Once done, we offer a legally binding warranty for our services

Do not gamble with your security, take action today and call us at Ajax window and Glass Repair for your Window locks repair, replacement, or installation in Ajax Ontario.

Why choose us.

  • Professionalism. We have many years of experience in this field of glass windows and have practically served almost every homeowner in the city.
  • Our assessment is cost-free. We will let you know what you need to know about changing your locks free of charge.
  • We have a database of customer recommendations and appraisals to pull from if requested.
  • Warranty. We offer a warranty on all our products and services and have a legal obligation to replace any of our locks before the warranty date.
  • We offer emergency locks repair and also same-day locks repair and installation

Your front door alone is not enough, you shouldn't be gambled upon. Join a community of people with secure windows and safer homes in Whitby ON by getting your locks checked out by Glass and Windows Repair. Call us at +(289) 275-7871

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