Ajax windows repairs is a certified professional service in windows glass repair installations, replacements, and sales of windows glass products. Our expertise in windows glass products endears our clients and ensures we give them lasting windows solutions. Our customer service philosophy centers on customer satisfaction and productivity. Our windows services are effectively based on your security, your taste, your style, and the exquisite designs of your homes and offices. Our windows services are ecologically efficient and budget-friendly and upon the commencement of windows service operations, we respect the privacy and convenience of our clients. We believe in value for your money, and so our windows services come at a relatively low cost and budget-friendly price. We offer windows glass installations, replacements, and repairs of window cranks, hinges, locks, windows caulking and sealing, aluminum capping, and sales of other windows products. Our window services are eco-friendly and ecologically efficient in the long run to your immediate environment. Our windows services ensure a well-ventilated living and workspace, energy efficiency, aesthetics, comfort, and value for your windows. Our windows products and services come in a variety of types ranging from regular windows products to luxury windows products toad to your taste and style and increase the subsequent value of your property. So call us today and get served with exquisite designs in windows services for your homes and offices.


Why choose us at Ajax windows repairs for your windows aluminum capping?

Get a three times value by capping your windows with aluminum today; improving the resale value of your home, tightening the security, and adding to the basic functionality of your home. Get the professionals on the job. Call us at Ajax Window and Glass Repair today at +(289) 275-7871

Our services.

Ajax windows repairs offer professional windows services such as windows repairs, windows glass replacements, caulking and sealing of windows, aluminum capping installations, and sales windows products to;

  • Residential areas such as homes, orphanages, charity foundations, shelters, churches, etc.
  • Non-residential areas i.e. offices, schools, shopping malls, and public centers, etc.

  • Our Aluminum capping services include;

  • Fresh capping; this is the maiden capping of your wooden or vinyl windows with aluminum
  • Recapping; this is the strengthening of the window aluminum capping that may have been poorly done or done a long time ago and requires restrengthening