Ajax Window and Glass Repair is a business registered in Ontario Canada solely for the service of window and glass across the city. We are committed to securing homes, offices, and even public centers in Ajax Ontario by providing safe, functional, and secure windows. We also offer safe and professional window and glass repair and replacement services In Ajax ON. We are a local window and glass repair service committed to grass-roots development and as such we have provided jobs for people in Ajax as well as support local businesses by purchasing a bulk of our work materials from the people in the town. We are committed to protecting the earth at large by ensuring our services and materials are environmentally friendly to preserve the ecosystem. At Ajax Window and Glass Repair, we are committed to delivering value for our clients’ money in terms of impeccable window services as well as amiable customer relations. To achieve this, our workers are then trained in excellence and customer relations and will never be deployed to your job If they fail to meet the requirements.


What Do We Do?

At Ajax Window and Glass Repair, we provide all window-related services to the people living in Ajax, ON. These window services include:


Installation of windows;

for newly built houses, we help install the windows. We discuss with the homeowners and or clients the kinds of windows they would prefer about aesthetics, functionality, and security. We then weigh them as per their budget and conclude.



We offer window replacement
services in Ajax, ON;
broken window replacement,
remodeling replacement,
and the likes.



At Ajax Window and Glass Repair, we offer repair on all kinds of windows and window issues from broken glass repair, to hinge repair, to locks repair, caulking, and sealing, etc.


Window Upgrades

we also offer window upgrades like frame strengthen, aluminum capping, and even window sealing.


Car Window Repair;

we also offer our window repair
services to cars of all brands and


Foggy Windows

We fix foggy windows for homes and cars also.

Mode of Operation.

At Ajax Window and Glass Repair, upon receiving your call, we swing into action by;

  • Offering consultation to the client; here we listen to the concerns, complaints, and aspirations of our clients. This helps us understand the type of windows repairs our clients would like. We then go on to advise them.
  • Damage estimation. We go ahead to estimate the damage to the window we ought to repair. As company’s policy, we go-ahead to search for other window issues the client may have missed.
  • We draft a quotation and then deliver them to our clients.
  • We offer a warranty on our window services. This warranty is binding legally and we are mandated to repair, free of charge, all window issues that resulted from our negligence

Why Choose Us

You should choose us at Ajax Window and Glass Repair because we have set ourselves apart through the following;